Access capital with your MRR

Keep more of your business and grow your revenue through fast access to an affordable source of funds

About Kashcade

As founders ourselves, we understand how hard and expensive it is to access capital to fund your start-up's growth.

We believe that an affordable source of capital should be available to founders, and that they deserve an option that allows them to keep more of their company.

So, with Kashcade, we got to work building a solution...

We designed loans to meet the needs of SaaS and other recurring revenue start-ups, that come with founder-friendly terms and absolutely no dilutive component (i.e. no options or warrants). We also built a speedy and simple cloud-based platform that takes the effort, time and expense out of fundraising.

With these kind of funds and such an easy application flow, start-up founders and CFOs can now grow their revenue faster with a funding partner that can scale with their business.

Now, there's a better way to grow your start-up - with speed and without dilution.

If you're a founder, CFO or advisor, contact us to enquire and find out what's available. You can also try out our funding calculator to get a quick indication.