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Borrow against your R&D tax refund or recurring revenue

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What we offer

We cater to early and growth-stage companies with two types of business loans
Borrow against your R&D tax refund
We’ll lend up to 80% of the R&DTI refund, based on what's been accrued to date.
Funds are repaid once the ATO completes the refund: there are no monthly repayments in the meantime.
Find out more about bringing forward your R&D tax refund.
Borrow against your recurring revenue
We’ll lend up to 4x monthly recurring revenue (MRR).
Funds are repaid in 1-12 equal monthly instalments of principal plus a fee.
Find out more about revenue loans here.

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Repay funds with your R&DTI rebate or your monthly revenue

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Who we fund

For R&D Loans
Received 1+ R&D rebate in the past
$0-20m in revenue
For Revenue Loans
SaaS business models
$50k+ of MRR
6+ months of runway

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