Case Study
September 27, 2023


MOGOPLUS is a software company providing data analytics and insights solutions to the enterprise market. They enable instant decisioning and straight through processing outcomes for financial institutions, credit unions and digital credit providers. Operating across Australia and the UK, MOGOPLUS works with Tier 1 banks, digital lenders and a range of alternative finance providers.

Why did you apply for a loan with Kashcade?

We were raising capital to continue funding the growth and expansion we’d been experiencing. We had new equity capital commitments from investors but wanted to bolster our cash balance even further while in a position of strength. To avoid diluting existing shareholders more than necessary, we set out to look for a non-dilutive loan solution.

What has funding from Kashcade enabled you to achieve?

The ease of applying and fast turnaround from Kashcade enabled our management team to stay focused on running the business instead of continuous fundraising. In particular, this meant continuing to implement our solutions for customers and continuing to execute on product improvements.

“Dealing with Kashcade was a great experience compared to many other lenders we have used in the past. They were quick to respond, fast to understand our business and its requirements but also patient while our internal processes worked themselves out. Working with Kashcade feels like we’re working with a true supportive business partner. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”
Alexander Lloyd-Jones, CFO

What problem did Kashcade solve for your business?

The Kashcade facility provided an important source of funds for our business while we continued to work on our larger equity raise. The flexibility in Kashcade’s loan solution also meant we didn’t have to draw on all the funding available at the start. Given we were unlikely to spend the entire amount of funding immediately, drawing on more funds only as we needed them made us even more capital efficient and kept interest costs down.