Goanna Group

Case Study
September 20, 2023
Goanna Group

About Goanna Group

Goanna is a proudly Indigenous owned platform and community that connects people with diverse backgrounds to opportunities in the workforce.
It provides a range of tech-focused courses and qualifications through its educational platform and matches those people with organisations in need of skilled resources, fast. These end-to-end capabilities provide an enduring framework to deliver Indigenous people and those with diverse backgrounds with education, training, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Why did you apply for a loan with Kashcade?

Part of our business connects organisations in need of skilled workers with people with the right skillset, as well as facilitating the commercial relationship between them. Facilitating this relationship means there can be a mismatch in timing between when our receivables are paid and when we need to close out payables to those who’ve worked, which can sometimes lead to lumpy cashflows.

We approached Kashcade to help ensure Goanna’s cashflows remained smooth and there was no disruption to the customer experience through our busiest time of year. Importantly, we wanted to find a funding solution quickly, without having to raise equity capital or go through a long process with the likes of a traditional funding providers.

What has Kashcade enabled you to achieve?

Kashcade allowed us to do exactly that. With a quick top-up in funding, we were well-positioned to ride through peak activity and stay focused on delivering a great experience for our customers.

“I am writing this testimonial to express my satisfaction and gratitude for the outstanding services provided by Kashcade. Our experience with Kashcade has been nothing short of exceptional, and I highly recommend their services to any organisation in need of a finance solution.
From the initial conversation to the final execution, Kashcade were easy to deal with, demonstrated flexibility, and most of all, the progressed matters at a great pace - we received an offer in 24 hours and funding the next day! Their team took the time to understand our specific circumstances and goals, and worked collaboratively to bring our custom solution to life."
Andy Vidler, Co-Founder and Director

What problems has Kashcade helped you solve?

Kashcade allowed us to access capital with an incredibly smooth and low-touch application process and extremely quick turnaround. Applying was easy, and from the time we first met to when they gave us an offer was less than 24 hours. We were then funded the next day. They took all the pain out of fundraising, which meant we could stay focused on running the business and not shy away from growth.