Case Study
September 6, 2023

About Apxium

Apxium automates the entire accounts receivable, payments and financing workflows for large-scale accounting firms and their clients across the globe.

Why did you apply for a loan with Kashcade?

We had been experiencing strong global growth, particularly in North America, so we were keen to add to our growth journey. With equity markets tougher than they had been, we turned to non-dilutive capital to avoid giving away more equity just to fund initiatives we knew were working and would further fuel our growth.

We spoke to a few providers, but none took the time to understand our business well enough. In contrast, Kashcade made it easy for us to apply, asked us the right questions and ultimately provided us with a solution that was right for our business.

What has Kashcade enabled you to achieve?

Funding from Kashcade has allowed us to continue investing in our general operations and international expansion. Since we first partnered with them, we’ve significantly increased our growth year on year and managed to reduce our burn rate so that we’re set up for sustainable growth in the long-run. We’re now in a stronger position than ever and best of all, we didn’t have to give away any equity to get there!

“Since we first partnered with them, Kashcade’s been consistently fast, founder-friendly and provided us with an excellent funding solution for our company.
They’ve demonstrated they’re a great funding partner in it with us for the long-run.”
Jeremy Coombe, Co-Founder and CEO

What problems has Kashcade helped you solve?

Raising capital is always a distraction – not just for me as a founder but for the whole team. It takes time and focus, which comes at the cost of running the business and doing the best we can for our customers. Kashcade was quick and easy to deal with and allowed us to avoid the traditional more time intensive capital raising process. Since we first partnered with them, they’ve provided the same easy experience with ‘top-up’ funding.
With Kashcade, we managed to completely avoid dilution. There’s a time and a situation when equity capital and dilution is necessary, but when you have solid momentum, supportive tailwinds and you just need to continue doing what you’re already doing, giving away equity is wasteful. Kashcade helped us avoid that problem and we couldn’t be happier with the result.